About Esteban

accordionist and free improviser

Esteban Algora

Esteban Algora was born in Madrid (Spain). He has done some extensive work for the development of a spanish contemporary repertoire for the accordion and promoting the creation of new literature for it. He has premiered more than fifty pieces written by composers such as: José Manuel López López, José Mª Sánchez Verdú, Alberto Posadas, Alfredo Aracil, Eduardo Polonio, Juan Manuel Artero, Alfonso Casanova, Carlos Bermejo and many others …

His interest in the integration of the accordion in the instrumental palette young composers has led him to give several Master-Class in centers such as: University of Paris 8 (France), Superior Conservatory of Music in Valencia, Real Conservatorio Superior of Music in Madrid, Conservatory of Music "Rafael Orozco" in Cordoba, CCEBA of Buenos Aires (Argentina), European Musical Creation Workshop etc.

He has collaborated with: ONE (Orquesta Nacional de España), ORCAM (Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid), Real Filharmonia de Galicia, Orquesta de Cordoba, Orquesta Sínfonica de Madrid, Orquesta del Palau de les Arts (Valencia), Icarus Ensemble, Ensemble Futurs-Musiques, Ensemble XXI, Sillage Ensemble, Taller Sonoro, Plural Ensemble, etc.

He has worked, among others, with directors such as: Zubin Mehta, Peter Eötvös, Peter Csaba, Giorgio Bernasconi, M. Harth Bedoya, Jacques Mercier or José Ramón Encinar.

Since 2006 he is member of the Ensemble Espai Sonor, one of the most important and active groups in Spain.

He has been invited to perform in many festivals around the world: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada, China, Cuba, Poland, United Kindom, Norway, Finland, Lebanon, Argentina, etc.

Interested in other forms and possibilities of interpretation, works as a musician in various theatrical scene: La Balada de la cárcel de Circe (Teatro Yeses, a group formed by internal actresses of the Prison - Women from Alcalá-Meco); Música y Espacios para la Vanguardia Española (multimedia show); Brundibar (children's opera by Jewish Czech composer Hans Krasa); Único Sentir (flamenco show); Cuerpos Deshabitados (chamber opera, libretto by Marina Bollaín and music by José Mª. Sánchez Verdú); Events (choreography by Merce Cunningham with the Merce Cunnigham Dance Company); Nena, puppet theater; Stella Polaris Circus.

During his career as a performer he has recorded for many labels including Several Records, Stradivarius, Neos, Columna Música, Another Timbre, World Edition, Verso, Naxos and Enixe Record.


Accordion teacher at differents Professional Conservatoire in Madrid and the Real Conservatorio Superior for the last 24 years.

  • Conservatorio Profesional Teresa Berganza (Madrid)
  • Conservatorio Profesional Angel Arias (Madrid)
  • Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.
  • Centro Integrado de Enseñanzas Musicales Federico Moreno Torroba (Madrid).